Information concerning the use of cookies

During the consultation of our site information may be stored in "cookies" files installed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Use this page to understand what a Cookie, what it does and how to set it.


This is a text file placed in a dedicated area of ​​the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device optimized for Internet), in consultation with a content or advertising line. This cookie file can only be read by its issuer. It identifies your device into which it is registered, for a limited period.


Four types of Cookies, answering the purposes described below, and can be stored in your device during a visit to our website:

1. Technical Cookies are necessary for navigating our site, as well as access to various products and services. Cookies techniques possible in particular to recognize you signal your visit on a particular page and thereby improve your browsing experience: adapt the presentation of the site to your terminal display preferences (language, display resolution ) store passwords and other information to a form that you filled on the site (registration or access to the members area). Technical Cookies are also used to implement security measures (this is the case for example when asked to sign in again to the member area after a certain period of time). These cookies can not be disabled or configured otherwise be unable to access the site and / or services of the site.

2. Cookies audience measurement are issued by us or by our technical service providers in order to measure the audience and different content sections of our site, to evaluate and better organized. These cookies also allow, if necessary, to detect navigational problems and consequently to improve the ergonomics of our services. These cookies only produce anonymous statistics and traffic volumes, excluding any personal information. The lifetime of these cookies audience measurement does not exceed 13 months.

3. Advertising Cookies are issued by regulated our partners in the advertising space on our site, the exploitation of these areas contribute to the financing of content and services that we offer you for free. These cookies deposited by our partners in the advertising partnership under which the governed can be made to collect data about content found on our site, in compliance with the provisions of the Act Computer and Freedoms 1978. These cookies allow first of all to count the total number of advertisements displayed in our advertising spaces, identify those advertisements, the number of users who clicked on each advertisement and, if applicable, the subsequent actions taken by the users on the pages lead these ads in order to calculate the amounts due to the actors of the advertising broadcast channel (communication agency, advertising agency, website / distribution medium) and to compile statistics. These advertising Cookies also allow to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal in our advertising space, according to your navigation device in our website, see, if any, depending on location data (latitude and longitude) sent by your terminal with your prior consent. These cookies can finally allow to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal in our advertising spaces based on the personal data that you may have voluntarily provide (targeted advertising). The lifespan of these advertising cookies do not exceed 13 months.

4. Cookies "Social Networks" allow you to share content on our site with other people or to inform these other people your opinion or your opinion about a site's content. This is notably the case of buttons "share", "like", from social networks Facebook or Twitter. The social network providing such application button is likely identify you with this button, even if you did not use this button when viewing our site. We invite you to review the privacy policies of privacy of these social networks to be aware of the purpose of use, including advertising, navigation information they can gather through these application buttons. The lifetime of these cookies does not exceed 13 months.


By using our site, you consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies. However, you can choose at any time to disable some or all of these cookies, except Cookies techniques needed to operate the site as indicated above. Your browser may also be configured to notify you that cookies are stored in your device and ask you to accept or not.

1. To refuse a cookie through your browser

You can always choose to disable some or all cookies. Your browser may also be configured to notify you cookies deposited in your terminal and ask to accept them or not (case by case or in full). We recall, however, that turning off all cookies prevent you from using our site under normal conditions, with the exception of basic functions.

If you use the Explorer:

  • click the Tools button,
    • then Internet Options.
      • Under the General tab, Browsing History, click Settings.
        • Then click View Files and select the cookies you want to disable.
          • Then close the window that contains the list of Cookies and click OK twice to return to the Internet.

If you use the Firefox browser:

  • click the Firefox menu icon,
    • then click the Tools button,
      • then Options; in the window that appears, select Privacy and click Delete Cookies Specific. Select the Cookies you want to disable and delete them.

If you use the Safari browser:

  • click the Settings button
    • then Preferences. In the window that appears, choose Privacy / Security, and click Show Cookies. Select the Cookies you want to disable and then click Clear or Clear All.

If you use the Chrome browser:

  • click the icon of the Chrome menu
    • and Settings. At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
    • In the Privacy section, click Content Settings. To disable cookies:
      • select Do not allow any sites to store data
      • click cookies and site data and then hover over the site that issued the cookie, and click the X in the right corner, or click Clear All.

2. Reject a Cookie audience:

On our website, cookies hearing deposited by Krux companies Nugg Ad Internet and AT. If you do not want our site saves cookies in your browser for the purpose of calculating audience, you can click on the following links will record off within your browser a cookie which only disable:
Warning, these cookies to measure traffic or hearing, associated with our website, the pages visited and interactions performed on site during your visit. The disable therefore prevents any collection of information about your browsing on our site and therefore the proposal of content tailored to suit your navigation.

3. Refuse advertising Cookie:

You can manage the use and exploitation of these cookies by visiting the Cookies advertising management platform proposed by the advertising professionals: and following the instructions given therein. You will be able to know the companies listed on this platform, which offer you the option to refuse or accept the cookies used by them to suit your browsing information, advertisements may be displayed.

Attention conduct this deactivation will prevent the display of all targeted ads based on interests but you will continue to receive other advertising. Disable these cookies prevents the collection of information enabling better ad targeting on your visits: empty inserts will be displayed instead of the targeted ads.

4. Reject a Cookie issued by a social network:

If you do not want our site saves cookies in your browser for this purpose, you can click on the following links will record off within your browser a cookie which only disable them. Disable these cookies thus prevent any interaction with or relevant social networks:

  • GOOGLE +:
  • YAHOO:

Please note, taking into account your individual wishes based on a Cookie Cookies or more determined. If you delete all cookies stored in your device on our site, we will not consent which you issued. So come back to reset the consent and so you will again refuse cookies or you do not want to keep. Similarly, if you use another Internet browser, you will again refuse these cookies.